Minecraft Server is Online

So the Minecraft server is online and running survival now. minecraft-logo This server is mostly for the little kids, but anybody is freely welcome to play on it. All we ask is not to beat up on the kids.  They had a habit of deleting each others saves so the simple solution was to set up the server so they could play and not delete any worlds. I’m sure they would enjoy some company here and there, and if I’m really bored I may find myself on here playing with them or helping them build some ridiculous contraptions. The server is online at shadowresistance.com:25565

Teamspeak Dedicated Server Now Online

As of today we now have our own Teamspeak 3 dedicated server.

It is located on our dedicated server system at shadowresistance.comteamspeak-server-hosting For now we are going to leave the default channel and server open and as things start getting busy we will be password protecting gaming channels so we don’t have to listen to randoms as we play. You are more then welcome to invite others to join our server. Please feel free to connect and play. The minimum security level for identies is 8, but I would suggest going above 20. If you don’t have Teamspeak yet, what are you waiting for? Go download Teamspeak and get talking.

ARK: Survival Evolved PvE Server Up

arkOur ARK: Survival Evolved PvE dedicated server is now up and running at shadowresistance.com:7778

Not exactly what I would call an easy server to configure so if you notice any mistakes please let me know. It is currently limited to 50 players, but we can always adjust it based on demand. ARK is a bit of a RAM hog since they still have not optimized the dedicated server code, but we should have enough power in the server to run it without any issues. ARK is also being updated very regularly right now so it is possible that the server may fall behind in updates, but only by a day at the most. I hope to see you in there soon!

It all starts here

Welcome to Shadow Resistance Gaming, we are not new to gaming, but new to organizing it for ourselves. Its going to be a learning curve for sure, but we have a few resources up our sleeves to help us along the way.Server Stack

As it stands for now we are setting up a number of dedicated servers for a number of games, mostly available via Steam. As the servers are configured and tested we will post connection info here for you to join us.

Since we own and host the servers our selves it will help with keeping our costs low for now, but as we expand renting servers with the best possible up time can happen.